60's style Chopper

Kandy Burn't Orange MetalFlake with Kandy Root Beer Lace Panels. The Lace is outlined with a Red Varigated, Gold Leaf Pinstripe , which also has it's own Lime Green Pinstripe. The top of the tank has 2 Gold Leaf Panels, outlined with a Lime Green Pinstripe. The "DARK STAR" lettering is done in Kandy Purple, outlined with 2 stripes, Bright Blue, then Butterscotch. It gives it that swirling 60's look !  The  Airbrushed, Skull-Faced Moon, stars and debris complete the Retro Look !  While browsing the photos, some may seem the same, but they are actually photographed useing different light sources. Natural Light, Spot Light, and Camera Flash, none quite capture , how stunning this Bike looks in person. But, it gives you the opportunity to see how the Flake and Kandies, react to different Light.