Paint job cost is determined by cost of materials, labor invovled and sometimes... "difficulty of execution". For example,we will use a set of Harley sheetmetal.1 piece fat bob tank and 2 fenders(Fatboy style),with Pearl or Candy Apple paint over good sheetmetal. The materials: primer, epoxy sealer, basecoat , pearl or candy coats (7 coats of candy alone), and clear coat will be about $350.00 to $400.00. Labor about 12 to 16 hours at whatever  the shop rate is, and some for  overhead and the government. That's how it adds up for a show quality paint job with the best materials used, for a Finish that will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, shortcuts on the quality of materials or proper preparation, drastically diminsh the shine and longivity of your job.
                            YES, IT REALLY DOES MATTER
    So, with chopper shops and custom painters popping up faster than hookers at a convention, be careful of who you have work on your  treasure.                                                                                       
    Now,as far as artwork is concerned,(flames,graphics,murals,leaf work) a lot of planning goes into a custom paint job.From design to layout,choice of colors, texture,many aspects contribute to a paint scheme that will be pleasing to the eye.Multi layered paint schemes are wild,they require a lot of planning ahead. Lots of painting  and covering of areas just painted is necessary.Pinstripeing,beveled outlines,shading and drop shadows,are some of the things that help to create those show stopping paint jobs that make your jaw drop.But, because of all the thought and time that goes into it,not to mention multiple colors and medias invovled. Expect  that it will take a lot longer and also cost more than that straight candy job.
    When shopping for a new paint job,make sure you get something YOU like. Also, the difference between a cheap job and a  high quality finish is only about $200.00. Always remember as with anything else, if it's cheaper, there's a reason for it. A high quality finish is probably gonna' start at $900.00 and go from there,depending on what your looking for.That's not a whole lot when you figure what your bike cost,and what an impact a beautiful paint job can make. Paint is the one improvement that will set your bike apart from the rest.Handlebars, pipes,seat,controls, these changes don't nearly make the impression a different paint job does.So, for the most bang for your buck,go with a first class finish from Spike's



Pearl  is actually an irredesant,finely ground mother of pearl  type pigment.It is applied over a white basecoat to bring out the brilliance of the color.Candy Apple is a transparent, color tinted clear coat ,which is applied over a metallic basecoat. Both react to sunlight the best, but will look very cool under street lights,etc.
    When light hits the Pearl it gives very irredesent appearance,particularly the highlights of  the panel.With Candy Apple the light passes through the candy coat to the metallic basecoat and reflects back through all the candy coats to give a very deep,rich color.With Candy the amount of sparkle can vary,depending on the look you like.From a very fine,almost pearl like metallic,to a coarse almost metalflake sparkle.