The problem with Trikes is, they take a little getting used to. They are wider than the average bike and they don't corner the same way either. For one of those reasons, 2 Trikes ended up here for repairs in the same week. The riders weren't quite used to the extra width and clipped them both. As with any motorcycle, the painted parts need to be removed from the bike, for a proper repair and refinishing. All trim needs to be removed from the parts to be painted also. By removing the rear body from a Trike you eliminate all the dust,overspray and debris that goes along with the repair. It's impossible to get a proper repair and finish with the parts in place. R&R time for the rear body is about 5 hours. Besides the obvious,wiring needs to be taken apart carefully, and resoldered back together, and care needs to be taken to make sure everything functions properly afterward and nothing is in the way of moving parts or suspension.
Here you see the broken fiberglass
Removed, ready for trim removal
Ready for Primer
Basecoat color applied
Drying after Clearcoat
Finished product
Resting after the ordeal
Parts categorized for each bike
The Damage
The Patient awaits
The Damage
Rear body removed
Damage repaired, ready           for Primer
Basecoat colors and stripe applied
Drying after Clearcoat
Ready for delivery