Project 1
This is another complete project that includes everything from metal  fabrication to  bodywork,and wraps it all up with a high sparkle Candy Apple blue base coat with pearl and chameleon flames.
Follow along through the process
and for close up views just click the picture to enlarge.
Notice the big space between the tanks and frame,,also check out the way the  dash fits the tanks front ,sides and back.This is a $300.00  dash remember,that still needs considerable work to make it fit the tanks.The filler pieces on the tanks help clean up a very ugly area
Here you will notice the rib on the rear fender sides and that the top of the fender is smooth.We eliminated the rib and added a bead,that would outline the seat as it goes up the back of the fender.
.This pic shows how the bead looks with finished bodywork,and also how it outlines the finished seat pan fabricated from aluminum
The following pic's show the way the dash fit the tank before and after.Then  with bodywork completed.
The  picture at left  is with all metal work done.At right it is in finish bodywork.Seat pan is done and off to the upholsterer.Everything will get primered and blocked a couple of times until it's nice and straight.Then a coat of epoxy primer sealer.Follow that up with 3 coats of base color,3 coats of clear,sand that until flat and it's time for the artwork
Below left laying out the right and bottom ,completed project ready for delivery