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What's the difference between candies and pearls?
How much does a new  paint job cost?
and How long will it take?
We don't just paint 'um, we ride 'um
      What do you make of this ?
Reminds me of a Laconia t-shirt I saw,                 which said,
" I rode my Bike, to Trailer Week !"
Whether it be 2 wheels or 4, mild or wild
 NOTHING.. more drastically changes your bikes appearance, than a new paint job. You can spend hundreds or even thousands on new handlebars, pegs, pipes, and a seat, and still your bike gets lost in a sea of stock bikes. But if you change ONLY your paint, whether it be mild or wild, it will truly be one of a kind.The next time it is seen in public, it won't get lost or over looked. 
Nothing gives you better value for your dollar than a Spikes paint job. With a reputation for quality  and attention to detail, a Spike's paint job, increases the 
resale value and beauty of your bike. So, don't hesitate, get started  NOW. 
Fender modification,
Get rid of those ugly rivets
From coast to coast, from fabrication to finish,we do it all, in house and with uncompromising quality. 
Shipping around the globe
Whether It's a complete makeover or just repair a scratched Tank.  From scratch built bikes to chopping the top on your street rod. At Spike's, we can help with all aspects of your project, or take the reins and make your vision a reality. With 30 +years experience, you can be sure the job will be done right. From not only body and paint, but also mechanical and upolstery. We bring it all together, to create some of the finest rolling art to hit the pavement.
 Follow along with this interesting and unusual sportscar. Inspired by original GT40'S that won Lemans in '66 and '67, giving Ferrari a taste of American muscle.
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Have a Vintage Refrigerator you'd like customized ? Don't have your own ? We can supply them for you.
This one is a 1953 Westinghouse, in perfect working order. The Cabinet is refinished in Candy Apple Lime Green, with Organic Green Candy Flames. Lower grill is handmade spider web, then chromed and spider added. 
Extended  saddlebags, stretched tank covers, nacelle, 
rear fender with filler panels. WE GOT 'UM ! We are now 
a dealer  for BAD DAD parts. As well as being able to 
supply you with any other parts you need.
Springfield Kennel Club brought their fund raiser dog, when he needed some touch ups. Based on the rescue dogs used to search through the rubble of 911. This one is named Galaxy.
                                           Repairs and Insurance Claims.

Although Spike's Custom Paint is a Specialty Shop, we are also a Registered Repair Facility for Progressive Insurance Co. and  Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. That means your Vehicle, will get the best repair possible, should you ever find yourself in need. We also work with all other Ins. Co. if recommended. We  work for many H-D Dealerships, as well as many Motorcycle Repair Shops. So, if your bike is in for mechanical repairs, they can send  your sheetmetal out for repairs or any Paint needs, while they do their thing. Here's a list of some of those Shops.If your favorite shop isn't listed, just make the call !

Custom Fit, Tank Stretch 
The best tank sealer on the market.  Now available at                           Spike's
Published  Work
Spider Web paint scheme
Trikes take a little getting used to.
From Concept to Reality, 
putting an idea on paper and then canvas.
Checkered Mini 
BJ'S CYCLE                                   SPRINGFIELD,MA.
HOG WILD CYCLES                      W.SPINGFIELD,MA.

Frenched License Plate

Aftermarket Fairings
These have become very popular with Road King owners and others, whose bike, never came with one. Many of these bikes already have Factory or, other Custom Paint. We can match your present paint scheme, whether it's for a Victory Hammer (like the one on the left), or a Harley Color Shop scheme, like the one in the middle, or even the Screaming Eagle on the right.. Not only can Spikes match the paint, but we can also provide the parts and also perform the installation !
Flush Mount 3rd Brake Light
We're proud to announce, our good friend Tony Trombly , took Best Paint  AND  1st Place, People's Choice Awards, at this years SPRINGFIELD MOTORCYCLE SHOW !  We finished it a few weeks before the Show, so it hasn't even seen the asphalt yet. Tony will be at the Frank Maratta Show in Hartford, in March. Come down and check out this stunning 2010 StreetGlide, with it's MileDeep Black Paint and Wildfire with $100 Bills.  Not  to mention all the other goodies ! This Bike is        "ON THE MONEY"
We're equally as proud of and happy  for, our good friend John Menard and his 1999 Road King. John won BEST BAGGER, 2ND Place PEOPLES CHOICE, and the coveted FALLEN SOLDIERS AWARD. KGB Performance rebuilt this Bike after John crashed it, a few years ago. They also made many modifications along the way, which make this Custom what it is. Spike's supplied the Extended Saddlebags, and rear fender. We installed Thunderbird Tailights and sunk a Dakota Digital Speedometer into the "COOL 7" Gas Tank. John and I, then spent an afternoon in front of the Computer, trying different ideas on our blank canvas, until the light bulb went off, and now you see the Show Stopper, before you, in Tangelo Black Pearl and Faux "WANTED POSTER", separated by over 100 airbrushed Eagle Feathers. 2 Indian themed murals, complete the identity of    "INDIAN PANTY RAID" !